Zombie Donuts VR New Update
New Spooky Update for Zombie Donuts
New Spooky Update for Zombie Donuts
Zombie Donuts in Action

Zombie Donuts

ReleaseApril 2017 (UPDATE: Oct 2018)
PlatformOculus Go, Samsung Gear VR
GenreShooter, Casual, Fantasy
ClientVirtro Entertainment

Throw out those day-old donuts; they don’t just go stale – they zombify! In a world of sugar and candy, these undead-donuts will swarm you by the baker’s dozen! But don’t fear, you’ve got your trusty marshmallow blaster to slow ‘em down and knock ‘em out! Collect points and power ups to complete the levels so you can let your friends know who can pummel the most pastry!


Zombie Donuts is set in a candy apocalypse, the player must fend off waves of zombie donuts before the time runs out. As the zombies approach from all around, players stand and fight, firing bouncy marshmallow bullets to ricochet of the ground and buildings to score with bounce and trick shots.

The player can earn bonus points to help them pass each level, by collecting goodies that float above defeated donuts.