ReleaseApril 2018
Platform VR:Samsung GearVR, Oculus Go,
Platform AR:App Store, Google Play
GenrePuzzle, Casual
ClientVirtro Entertainment

VR / AR jelly sokoban puzzler
Juzzle is a VR / AR fun jelly cube puzzler.

Based on classic sokoban, Juzzle is a casual game in which the player pushes jelly cubes around the board, trying to get them to the targets.

Press Release: Jelly Puzzler launches on Gear VR

Classic Sokoban puzzler with a wobbly twist

Vancouver, Canada, April 18, 2018 – Virtro Entertainment, maker of  Mobile VR game Zombie Donuts, is proud to announce the release of Juzzle for Gear VR today.

Juzzle is a fun jelly cube puzzler,  based on classic sokoban game, Juzzle is a casual game in which the player pushes jelly cubes around the board, trying to get them to the targets in the least amount of moves.

Over 20 levels, your goal is to push, but not pull, blocks onto all of the targets. It does not matter which jelly cubes blocks go on to which targets, but often position will dictate what must go where. It sounds like an easy enough task, but you will almost certainly find yourself stumped (repeatedly) as you figure out how to solve each of the harder levels.

Juzzle blends intuitive movements in VR and simply satisfying jelly animations to make a fun, challenging and ultimately satisfying puzzle game.

Juzzle is the third Gear VR game released by Vitro Entertainment in as many weeks. Joining Zombie Donuts, a family friendly first person shooter based in a Candy Apocalypse and the free Demo level of No Horizon, a spacefighter simulator with outstanding flight abilities all using the Gear VR controller. All three games will be available on Oculus Go store when it officially launches next month.

“Juzzle is a great little time-waster that is fun to play in VR. Something about a wobbling jelly with eyes is fun to roll around all on it’s own. Combine that with seriously tricky puzzles and, well, let me just say this game is hard to stop playing.” says Jordan Brighton, CEO at Virtro Entertainment.

Juzzle will be fully released on the Oculus store for Gear VR on April 18, 2018 for $0.99. Juzzle AR is coming to the App Store later this month.